Introducing Emporter

After 18 months of development, I’m happy (and relieved!) to publicly announce Emporter.

Create a secure URL to your Mac

Make changes in real time Share across any network

Choose any folder on your Mac, and Emporter will serve a URL that you can share anywhere. If you have your own HTTP server running locally, you can use that, too.

You don’t have to deploy any code. Simply save your work from your favorite editor, and it’s live. And if you want, Emporter can automatically refresh browsers, too.

Emporter runs in a sandbox over a secure connection. It works over any network that supports HTTP(S) traffic. By design, we don’t collect or have access your data.

It’s free to use, with an option to purchase a subscription for better speeds, more resources, more control over the URLs, and super good vibes.

I really hope you like it!

Download on the Mac App Store