Go, Emporter, Go!

Emporter uses Go, Docker and Kubernetes to deliver a rock-solid native macOS app.

Diving Deep into RadBlock

RadBlock, for Safari, is up to 200 times faster than its competition. The secret? It's quite boring.


Surf Safari with less ads, trackers & annoyances.

The Sad State of Mac App Distribution

Distributing outside of the Mac App Store has slowly become a nightmare.

Say Hello to YDCommandKit

Write native macOS apps for the command-line using YDCommandKit.

GDPR Is An Asset

Regulations protecting user data help establish trust.

Writing Apps in Go and Swift

A guide for wrapping Go code in Swift for use within a native macOS or iOS application.

Introducing Emporter

Emporter creates a secure URL to your Mac in real-time.

New Year, Who This?

A few days ago, Young Dynasty officially became a registered company in France. You won't believe what happened next.